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Quite a few Small Inns and Guest Houses Shut Down

Sadly, quite a few of the smaller inns and guest houses had to shut up shop because of the intense weight of the pandemic on their ability to generate income. Tejada explained, however, that while those companies reduced operations or closed altogether, a number of new businesses are opening their doors.

Ted Tejada, President, Belize Hotel Association

Ted Tejada, President, Belize Hotel Association: “There were eight hundred hotels that were between 1-20 rooms, small boutique hotels. Several of those hotels no longer made it. Within I would say three months of the pandemic they decided to close down their door, sell every bed that they had, every television that they had, they saw or we saw that this pandemic would have lasted between eight to nine months and it was unsustainable to do that. Some of them rented their buildings for other type of business. I hear of one that became a police station and some of them just returned the buildings to their owners because they saw nine months it is impossible for you to sustain your employees. So at this moment we are gathering the information who out of the nine hundred and twenty will no longer become a hotel but we have new players coming in. Last week we had the Alia property open they have a little bit over a hundred and fifty keys added to the inventory so to us there’s hotels still going. We believe there’s over five hundred million dollars, Belize dollars, in construction in hotels at this moment in time in the country of Belize. So the investment in tourism is still going full fledged.”

To see the rates of accommodations at hotels across the country, you may log on to the association’s website at Belize Hotels dot org.