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Government & Politics

Race is on for the next leader of the UDP

As it relates to the Faber and Saldivar leadership race, Prime Minister says their heads would still roll if they are involved.

As it relates to the Faber and Saldivar leadership race, Prime Minister says their heads would still roll if they are involved.

Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow: “If any of the two leadership aspirants turns out to be somebody who received cash, I would fire that person and I believe that the party would disqualify such a person from proceeding with the leadership challenge because how will you get fired from the cabinet? Remember, if I choose to, I hold the whip hand you know. Recollect that I don’t need to go anywhere until the general elections are called. If I were to have to fire a leadership aspirant and the party says, well, we don’t care that you fired the person, we will still elect that person and we will say, he must take over and lead us into the general elections well I will save them from their own fall because I will make it clear that cannot happen but we are really spinning the wheels and getting into outlandish, theoretical scenarios. Man come on and be practical. If any of the leadership candidates were to be fired by me before the leadership convention that’s the end of it. You must know that practically, that’s the end of it.”

Reporter: Then we move into an endorsement? Is that the case? I want to know what happens at that point.

Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow:  “Look, man, leave alone the internal processes of the party. I myself would have to go check …but I would think…leave that alone…what you are interested in is what would be done with a leadership aspirant who proves “guilty” and I have told you. I can tell you again and I can say it a thousand times if you wish, that is the fact.”

We will have much more on this in tomorrow’s newscast.

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