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Radio Host Joe Bradley Charged for Public Drinking

Joseph Bradley, Sr. – he’s the firebrand talk show host of “Fus Ting Da Mawnin’”, the flagship program on the UDP-controlled WAVE Radio & TV. Over the weekend, Bradley was charged by police for sipping a Pirate stout outside the UDP’s headquarters, a building which houses the radio and TV station. Here’s part of the back-and-forth Bradley had with the officer, identified as a Sergeant Moguel.

Police Officer: “Sir you know it’s an offence to public drink ?” 

Joe Bradley, Talk Show Host: “This is not public drinking miss this is private property. But me and you won’t have any problem, this is a private property. Public drinking – this is the property of the United Democratic Party, you can tell me what you want.”

Police Officer: “I can tell you now it is still a public place because everybody comes to this place.”

Joe Bradley, Talk Show Host: “No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,   listen to me we’re not going to get into no quarrel. I am just drinking one beer. I’m not public drinking. You see all of us drinking ? So I’m going to tell you whatever you’re telling me go ahead I will get my two attorneys and we will straighten that. I am not public drinking so you charge me for what you want.”

The video was apparently recorded by the arresting officer when she approached Bradley in the parking lot. As you heard Bradley say, his argument is that it was not a case of public drinking as it has taken place on private property – a building he has worked in every day since 2005. Nonetheless, he was charged with public drinking and he will appear in court tomorrow. We understand that his attorneys are going to move to get the charge struck, a charge Bradley insists is frivolous and politically motivated.