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Radios to Reach Villages in Times of Disaster

NEMO has definitely been examining the gaps in strategy and equipment. The hurricane season is upon us and perhaps the most significant tool that keeps people alive during the storm is communication. And as you are aware, there are parts of the country that are drop zones or have little signal on a bright, sunny day. The Minister of NEMO says the organization has acquired radios which will assist over a dozen villages in times of need.

Minister of NEMO Edmund Castro: We have the radio communication system for thirteen villages. We have toured sometime in this year in the southern part of the country, the most remote areas. These are thirteen villages that communication devices will be installed and trainings are currently conducted throughout the Southern Region. That is in conjunction with Humana and the Caribbean Development Bank.

Jose Sanchez: That’s excellent; what type of radios are there and proper signal I assume will be in place?

Minister of NEMO Edmund Castro: Yes in case of emergencies these are radios; the people will be properly trained to use those radios and the training is being conducted. Now we will deal with the inauguration sometime in September so we are dealing with the training as we speak and in those areas telephone service is very difficult. It is easier to use a Tigo phone to make communication so that’s international call but now with the radio system  we will be able to communicate with villagers throughout the country within the thirteen villages in the remote areas of the Southern Districts.