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Rains are expected to be below normal in first three months of the season

And as the heat is expected to continue, what of the rains for this season? Climatologist Ronald Gordon says it is expected to be below normal in the next three months.

Ronald Gordon, Climatologist, National Meteorological Service: “Ok in terms of the rainfall, our projection for June, July, August it is showing below normal rainfall for most of the region including Belize. We are also doing a projection for September, October, November but that projection at the moment has a lot of uncertainties so even though we are projecting normal rainfall we have to tell our user that there is uncertainty in that product and for the next three months on most of the global models including the models from the Americans and even the Europeans are showing that the region is going to be below normal rainfall for June, July, August and temperatures on the other hand are going to be below normal. Now I want to put a Caveat in there as it is going to be below normal but it is going to be below normal compared to recent years which have been very hot so that below normal doesn’t mean that it is going to be cool, it’s just going to be slightly cooler than recent years.”