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Rally Planned for Minimum Wage Increase

A rally geared to increase awareness of the minimum wage has been planned for tomorrow. The rally has been organized by Belize Leaders for Social Justice headed by Moses Sulph.


“This rally demonstration is to highlight the injustice in the minimum wage also the gas price. At this point we know many of our Belizeans are making $3.30 an hour which is a substantial challenge to their lives. It is impossible for them to provide healthcare, education, housing, food, clothing for themselves and their families while making that $3.30 minimum wage. The minimum wage was increased in 2012 the last time where it was $3.10 so it was increased by $0.20 which is we have seen cost of living and goods go up significantly; some over 100% some over 150% over the last seven or eight years. If there were less corruption in this country there would have been money to be used in other areas to build those areas. So the root cause is corruption and greed and we continue to see that as one of the rampant plaguing issues that are affecting us.”

The rally begins at 9:30 in the morning at Constitution Park in Belize City.