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A rally for Wesley Student who was victimized by video

Over the weekend, two videos of sexual acts between male and females were leaked on social media. While the woman shown one video was offered much sympathy and support, the minor, for the most part, had been left to deal with the harsh consequences of school discipline coupled with public scrutiny and domestic tension.  There were some speculation that the girl had been suspended from school but the family had asked the institution for a week for the girl to seek treatment for the trauma associated with the release of the intimate moment when she was a minor. Attorney, Audrey Matura had liaised with the family and she went to the police station this morning to get a permit to have a rally for the teen on Friday.

Audrey Matura Rally Organizer: “It’s Friday at midday. We want to do it lunch time because we are hoping that people sacrifice their lunch and come, it is only for one hour. I am asking for a permit from 11:30 so that we have time to assemble. Then from 12 to 1 we stand  there and then we have another half an hour to disperse and there is not going to be any loud music because it is a school zone so we have to respect that but sometimes the strongest statement is silence. We would want people to dress in white, bring your posters, be creative with your posters and just come and quietly let us just fellowship as women or men and lets just talk about the issue for an hour. Clearly I haven’t seen the videos and I am not interested in seeing it but it is the whole principle behind it is that she is victimized and that there seems to be a segment of the population that seems to think that it’s okay not realizing this person is young, this person has her whole life ahead of her, this person has done so many other good in her life because I understand she was an A student. She was to be Valedictorian at her school and she makes one maybe bad decision in discretion and quickly people jump on that and are saying penalize her, punish her and maybe I don’t know maybe her parents feel so embarrassed they might say you deserve the punishment but I don’t take that stance. For too long we have failed our young people that when they need us to support them and nurture them we don’t do it. Everybody makes mistakes in life, everybody and I can’t imagine going through that pain at the stage I am as an adult and feeling further castigated by the people that are supposed to be lifting me up, building me up, teaching me, embrassing me and making me feel safe. I think it is a torment and just like any other person she deserves the support but mostly because she is a minor still. I am not saying the adults don’t deserve the support you know but we need to go the extra mile to make our young people feel safe and to know that yo we got your back too. Well you know protest is kind of a strong word. It is more to make a public statement. I came to check at the Police Station how to get my license. I am calling out anybody but especially women to please come out and stand with us for one hour in front of Wesley College to show solidarity for the young lady and to also in our silent way denounce the hypocrisy of these schools.”

On Friday at midday, everyone is invited to convene at the Wesley College in Belize City and wear white to show solidarity with the teen.