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He Ran Into a Wall to Prove he was a Robbery Victim

A gas station attendant for the Western Gas Company Limited in Santa Elena Town may have watched one too many episodes of Law and Order and concocted a story about being robbed. On December 31, 19 year old Isaid Baldera told the police that at 11:30 p.m., while he was at the rear of the compound a black car with tinted glass windows, drove up to him and two masked men exited the car and demanded cash. He handed over $2,014 dollars. But while that story seemed plausible, the police now say the story had more holes than a potholed Belize City Street. Apparently, a cab driver purchased fuel at 8 pm that night from the gas station and Baldera agreed to give him money when he returned later the night and he would pretend he got robbed. To make the robbery appear legitimate Baldera ran into the wall of the building and hit his forehead to show that his assailant had harmed him. As a result, Israel Baldera was arrested and charged with the crime of theft and with the offence of a mischievous act for making a false report.  He was arraigned at the San Ignacio Magistrate Court and pleaded guilty. He was fined $2,000 for the theft and was additionally fined $200 for the mischievous act. There was no charge for hitting his head on the gas station wall.

A thief in the Corozal District made off with a substantial amount of cash from a pedestrian on New Year’s Day. 47 year old Zong Qin Hung was walking at 7:00 a.m. on 4th Avenue to her workplace on College Road when she was accosted by a man on a bicycle. The man yelled “Chiney girl, give me the bag. She handed over a bag that contained two Chinese passports, $5,000 Belize, $500 US, an iPhone-6, and a set of keys.

A vehicle was stolen in the Stann Creek District.  58 year old Louis Oosthuizen said that at 11:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. He was celebrating in Hopkins Village and lost the key for a white Ford F 150.  He said he secured the vehicle and went home. The following morning he discovered that the vehicle was missing.