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Ranch Dressing, Bucket and Spoons stolen by Serial burglars

Three food kiosks near Transparent BPO on Coney drive were the victims of a serial burglar or burglars. The stalls, all managed by self-employed individuals were burgled on Monday night. Galya O’Brien told the cops her stove which was valued at 38 dollars was stolen. Another kiosk manager, Rosita Perez told the cops, three packs of plastic spoons, valued at four dollars in total, were stolen from her business.  Olga Arnold who operates the third kiosk told the cops her portable stove, valued at forty dollars and two salad ranch dressing valued at seven dollars were also taken in the darkness of night. While she was overcome with emotions to speak, her daughter in law, Andrea Gardiner told us that the thieves also stole the bucket from Olga’s Kitchen.

Andrea Gardiner – Entrepreneur Olga’s Kitchen: “We sell Belizean food of course: rice and beans, stew beans, split beans, boil up, ducunu dinner, soup, sere, turkey dinner. When we came here yesterday morning, as usual we came and I opened the door. I checked the lock first, opened the door with the key and when I opened it I paused right at the door. I found this on the table open like this so it is only Ms. Olga and I that came. I said mommy did Leon carry the stove? She said she didn’t know. I called Leon, when I called Leon he said that he didn’t carry the stove so I said well the stove is gone but it looks like everything else is in here. The windows were locked up, of course the door was locked up so when she came in she said the bucket was gone. They threw water out of that green container down there, they took the towels, they took a little red basket that we have with winter fresh and halls, those are the only things missing from in here. In Ms. Gayla’s store her stove is gone, ranch dressing, some spoons from Ms. Rosita one, a bag with spoons and forks too. Ms. Olga is my mother in law and she has a daughter that is sick and that is why we are here. She had a son that was caught in an accident and now her daughter is sick, that is why we have this business here to try to support the two of them.”

The food kiosks were on Coney Drive were not the only establishments to be burglarized this week. On Tuesday, 53 year old David Aguila, the General Manager for (BWEL VO)  Belize Western Energy Limited told police that the office at 39 Central American Boulevard that at 3:10 a.m., the building was burglarized. The second floor back door was compromised and burglars stole a Dell Laptop, $2,000, a phone valued at $2,300.00.