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Ras Indio speaks on latest release

Belizean artist Ras Indio, who just returned from Los Angeles, California, stopped by our studios to speak about his trip. Ras Indio said that he was invited to Los Angeles to perform at the Belize September celebrations over there.

Ras Indio – Reggae Artist

“We were a part of the Belize September 10 celebrations and then we were re-invited to stay for the Independence festival. It was a blessing to be a part of it. Big up Faran Smith, big up Lorna, big up Little Belize Restaurant out in Inglewood California for bringing me out and I am telling you, Belizeans, half of us are in America. It filled up the entire place; we had a full block filled with nothing but Belizean food, Belizean music and Belizean people in Los Angeles California.”

Ras Indio said that he was thrilled to have performed at the September celebrations in Los Angeles, California.  He also spoke of his latest release.

Ras Indio – Reggae Artist

“We just released a tune featuring Unlimited. Ready to Conquer featuring Unlimited. It’s on ITunes and there is a trailer on You Tube where you can see because the song is actually the theme song for a movie called Hogan. It is produced by the same people who had the festival.”