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Raspberry Pi Jam’s First Place Winner: Ecumenical High School

The winners of the Raspberry Pi Jam competition are students of Stann Creek Ecumenical High School.  Corozal Community College placed second while third place went to Ocean Academy from San Pedro Town, Belize High School of Agriculture from Orange Walk Town came in fourth and fifth place went to Sadie Vernon High School from Belize City. The competition was an initiative of Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and John Avery, Chairman of the PUC, spoke to Love News about the initiative.

John Avery – Chairman of the PUC

“Today we are having our second Raspberry Pi Jam. This is all being done under the Young Innovators Program that the PUC decided to start in 2013, this is our fourth year in it. In 2014 we had a mobile app workshop for young people. In 2015 we decided to undertake this Raspberry Pi program hoping to introduce it into the school curriculum as part of their science and IT program. It’s a very small computer so its fairly inexpensive and the accessories to create all the things that you will see later are fairly inexpensive too so we decided that would be a good way to get science and technology incorporated more into the school system and so in 2015 we acquired all the Raspberry Pi things that we supply to all the high schools and we had a workshop for the teachers and we developed a curriculum to introduce the Raspberry Pi so a year after the teachers had gone back to the schools and introduced the subject matter a year after we allowed the students to build projects and to come display at the first Raspberry Pi Jam. This is the second iteration of that.”

Avery said that the students embraced the opportunity to work with technology.

John Avery – Chairman of the PUC

“We are surprised to know that when we started this it appeared that the students were waiting for it. As soon as we started to talk about the Raspberry Pi we were flooded with all kinds of videos about students already tinkering with the Raspberry Pi so our people have already shown they have an interest in it particularly the young people today so we just want to continue to encourage that and continue to cultivate that.”

The first place winner received a smart board, second and third place winners received 3-D scanners, while fourth and fifth place winners received robotic kits. Twenty-four high schools participated in the second annual event which was held at the Ramada Princess Hotel.