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Raul Medina Murdered on the Boulevard

Yesterday a shooting in Belize City left one man dead. Police say that Raul Medina was walking on Central American Boulevard at around nine thirty last night. Medina was shot by individuals in a white vehicle. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams told us the details which show a connection between this latest murder and the fatal stabbing of George Mckenzie Junior at the Soca Madness a few weeks ago.


“He was approached by four male persons in a Mitsubishi Montero Sport and from that vehicle someone fired multiple shots at him which caught him to the neck and abdomen which caught him. He was transported to the hospital and succumbed to his injuries. The persons who are the suspect at this time; we are pursuing them and they are the same persons who were the suspects in the stabbing at the ITVET at the Soca Fete or whatever they had at ITVET. So we are pursuing them at this time, we have one of them in custody already. The vehicle we know who it belongs to. There were certain things that were found inside the vehicle that will lead us to other persons who may be involved. We are pursuing them at this time.”

Police investigations continue.