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Re-registration saga

The topic of re-registration was brought up today in the Sitting of the House of Representatives. As you may already know, the Governor General signed a Statutory Instrument recently delaying it until July 2018. The Government says it does not have the money to carry out the exercise which would cost up to twenty million dollars.  Fort George Area Representative, Hon. Said Musa does not believe that is the case as he spoke on the issue this morning.


Hon. Said Musa,Fort George Area Representative:

“The impression is being created in some quarters that the opposition, the opposition in this house has been silent about this issue when the truth of this matter when the truth of the matter is that the opposition has been raising this matter of concern since 2015 after the last general elections. As a matter of fundamental importance why we should have re registration. What is more madam speaker it is a legal requirement and that is why if I can just mention some of the instances when the matter has been raised in the past; it has been pointing out the absolute necessity by the oppositions it has been pointed out to clean up the voters list. We have been demanding reregistration like I said since the 2015 general elections. PUP officials the area representative for Caribbean Shores has raised matters in this house before. Meetings have been held with union officials, with the Chamber of Commerce and as I mentioned with NGOs. Meetings have been held by the PUP officers with the Elections and Boundaries Commission and the Chief Elections Officer in an attempt to get them to do the right thing. The party leader the Honourable Leader of the Opposition has met with the prime minister calling on him to do the right thing but all of this to no avail. You see madam speaker the UDP as a party have gotten used to winning elections with a tainted voters list, with a corrupt voters list and as far as the UDP is concerned he just said it, as far as they are concerned winning by any means necessary is what matters that is what their mantra is now. To hell with the democracy, to hell with the law.”

Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister:

“And if it is true that that fact can be used to make the declaration that the lists are corrupted as the member for Fort George says all of us certainly in Belize City would know more than just anecdotally that the most corrupt list in Belize City is the Fort George list. The greatest number of ghost voters in any constituency in Belize City will be found in Fort George. You find some little houses through Majestic Alley.”

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister:

“Where fifty of sixty voters live there.”

“Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister:

“Exactly see I don’t even have to feed the Deputy Prime Minister everybody knows this and can recite the numbers almost by rote; this is infamous. In fact I think madam speaker that I don’t know if he will consider this a merit but when his term is finally ended, if ever that occurs because he doesn’t seem prepared to go anywhere, that is one of the things for which he will be best known for and for which he will be most remembered. He elevated to the status of a fine art this business of registering bogus voters in his constituency.”