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“Re-Thinking Energy: Shaping a Resilient Community”

Belize is celebrating Energy Week under the theme “Re-Thinking Energy: Shaping a Resilient Community”. Mark Usher, Electrical Engineer at the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) told Love News that during  Energy Week several events are held to create awareness of the use of energy.Usher described energy as being the “lifeblood” of the country. Today the Ministry of the Public Service and PUC held a fair where different energy companies were on display.  Love News spoke with Tony Gillings, Business Developer of Energy Management Limited who shared how homeowners can use electricity more efficiently by changing from incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs.

Tony Gillings – Business Developer of Energy Management Ltd

“One of the biggest problems, of course, is that most people in this country use fluorescent and incandescent lighting, that’s hugely energy inefficient, apart from the fact that incandescent light bulbs and tubes burn a lot of heat which is why they are energy inefficient. So if you’ve touched an incandescent bulb you realize that it’s very hot the problem is that those bulbs are using energy to produce light but are burning off a lot of heat, that is energy inefficient. What we do is we say to people to change it to LED. LED does a lot of things one is that it doesn’t give off heat so you are not wasting energy, two an LED light bulb is a fraction of the wattage of an incandescent bulb- for example an incandescent bulb 75 watts can be replaced by an LED of just 6 watts so its hugely more energy efficient, it’s not burning energy so you are not wasting energy it lasts a lot longer — for example an incandescent bulb lasts maybe eighteen months and LED bulb can last up to fifteen years.”

Love News also spoke with Tom Sagee owner of Greensun Limited who specializes in solar hot water.

Tom Sagee – Owner of Greensun Ltd

“Using hot water by using fossil fuels makes no sense because you have to create that energy then burn that energy to make heat and then use that heat to heat water while you can get that heat directly from the sun and this is what our goal is- to convince everyone who uses hot waters like hotels to go solar- it’s not only good for the environment but good for cost savings.”

Sagee said that a solar home system to heat up water use in the shower, kitchen and to do the laundry in the home will cost three thousand dollars.