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Readdressing the City’s Entertainment Strip

If Councilor Dion Leslie goes on to defeat Phillip Willoughby in the August 27 UDP Convention and subsequently garners the hearts and votes of Belize City voters, what will be one of his instant focus as the mayor. Yesterday the Mayoral aspirant was asked about the famous Belize City party strip and the reported interest he has in one of the businesses.


“It is something that we will have to go back to the residents because all of this came about and when we did have a consultation with the residence we will have to go back to them, dialogue with them properly, no emotions involved talk to them, bring in the owners of these clubs and bars and restaurants because the city is developing and the city is changing and it happens all over the world and it’s the job of the city council or whatever municipal government to try to work with residents and the new businesses in trying to find a common ground. I am not going to say that as I get in we are going to strike off everything we will sit down and talk if we can find a balance between the business owners and the residents so that everyone can be happy that is what we will do but as it is right now the law is the law I won’t go against the law it’s in there. What Darrell did was probably not the most popular decision but he did enforce the law but we can look at ways to work with each other and that is what it’s about, it’s about being inclusive and communicating with each other.”

Councilor Phillip Willoughby had a more neutral response to the matter, saying everyone will just have to get along.


I believe that everyone in our community must find a way to coexist and in everything we do there has to be a fair balance for everyone so I will say that all of us will need to sit together and find a solution so that everyone involved wins.”