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Really cool products highlighted at ENTRECON 2018

This is the fourth year that the SBDC is hosting the national entrepreneurship or ENTRECON Convention. Beltraide and the Minister of Trade and Commerce refers to it as the entrepreneurial ecosystem where businesses and government agencies can help each other to get ahead. Love News took a look at Entrecon and a few of the businesses you may want to hand over your hard earned dollars to, while giving support.

Jose Sanchez: “Entracon 2018 is part Seminar, part networking, part Tradeshow and part feel good activity. It was opened  by the Minister of Investment Trade and Commerce Tracy Taegar Panton.”

Minister of Investment Trade and Commerce Tracey Taegar Panton: “We cannot highlight enough the importance of our micro and small medium enterprises to the contributions they make the development of the Belize National Economy and our entrepreneurs play a big part of that. We need to have more Belizean goods and services readily available to us. I will be the first to say that we import too much into the country and so we have to find the solutions here at home and the group of young people and not so young people who bring their ideas to fruition really helps expand and grow our economy.”

Eugene Lizama: “Our products is centralized on making you a better person: one we are preaching health where you can detox your body of extra acids, you can check your health by just testing your urines PH and you will see on the chart if you’re acidic and that means you need to get the Alkaline balance where you can be a healthier person. We also have products that will help you detox the extra acid out of our system because once you have that balance you will be healthier right and then you also have our pain relievers, all natural and we are also launching our new massage oil 100% authentic.”

Armando Perez A.N.S. Covers: “We specialize in customized phone cases, that means we are able to cut any photo or picture or design on your case. We partner with the three organisations which is Coastal Zone, Oceana and WWF to produce these limited edition wooden phone cases. A portion of the sales will be donated to Coastal Zone and they will be used for a scholarship for a student in the NRN field.

Jose Sanchez: “These handmade wooden framed sunglasses can be purchased at Omshanti Yoga Spa or via facebook.”

Ornando Bernard Entrepreneur: “My one is onto wooden sunglasses so I have two styles of wooden sunglasses: One in Zericote and one in Mahogany. The lens are UVA, UVB polarized protection and I started to sell in April of this year and so for sales have been pretty good and my goal, my dream is to show the world what Belize can do because if you look at these sunglasses here you can see that this has been handcrafted by Belizeans as I want to reach a level where I am able to compete against Prada and Gucci and these other companies in the world because Belize can do it, we have beautiful products.

Jose Sanchez: “And to have your own start up you may want to visit the Development Finance Corporation first. DFC is partner for BELTRAIDE and SBDC and we have been financing or sponsoring this event for the past three years and we partner with BELTRAIDE because we offer start up finances for small business( SME’s) and it’s important that the financing and the support that we provide for small business it’s just not giving them a loan for a business that they want to do but they offer the support they need to develop a quality business plan, quality marketing plan and even think about succession plan for their business because this all that it entails for businesses to be viable and to be successful.”

Jose Sanchez: Dr. Leroy Almendarez the Executive Director of BELTRAIDE believes it’s a great motivator for independent business and risk takers.”

Dr. Leroy Almendarez the executive Director of BELTRADE : “As you say it is an entrepreneur convention so it brings speakers, it brings those with innovative ideas and so what the biggest take away we want from here is that sometime in the not too long distant future we want to see more independent business, we want to see more entrepreneurial development, people not afraid of taking risk, the ideas they might have had that they think were not possible, the can bring this to fruition because BELTRAIDE is there but within there there is a whole ecosystem I mean you have international speakers who will tell you about challenges but it means that if you are determined those challenges can be overcomed so that is our end goal. That is what we want to see in the future and BELTRAIDE will play very big part in that process.”

Jose Sanchez: “Jose Snache for Love News.”