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“I really hope that the perpetrator or perpetrators are brought to justice”: Lisa Shoman

The news of the rape of a 17 month old baby of Maskall Village has left the country in shock. Up to news time no one has been charged for that unthinkable crime against a defenseless baby girl. The public reaction is quite visible on social media; they want the perpetrator to be dealt with to the full extent of the law. This was reiterated by Attorney Lisa Shoman.

Lisa Shoman, Attorney

“This is a severe and violent extension of domestic violence. We need to understand this is not about sex; it is about somebody using their body as a weapon on a defenseless seventeen month old child, on a baby. It is no different from picking up a gun and shooting somebody. Why? Because what that person has done there is no doubt in my mind that any reasonable adult would understand that the moment you penetrate a child in that manner you either intend to permanently harm and maim that child or you are reckless as to whether you caused the child’s death. I can’t express how horrified and shocked I am at this. I really hope that the perpetrator or perpetrators are brought to justice. For the person who did it there are also people who were complicit because they know or they suspect. Every single citizen in Belize has the legal duty to report any incidence of any abuse of any child whether it be physical, mental, sexual, emotional, you have a duty to report it. So at this point in time without wanting to point fingers or lay the blame at any particular individuals you know that you did it, your life will never be the same again but worse, the life of that child if she survives will never be the same again.”

This evening the Belize Family Life Association is expressing its outrage with regards to the rape of the infant. In a release the BFLA condemns sexual abuse in any form, the abuse of power and authority and the neglect of responsibilities, as well as anyone who encourages such behaviors. The BFLA is urging parents to be vigilant and become informed on the signs of sexual violence and to create an environment where children feel safe and comfortable in reporting any form abuse.