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Recipients of Canadian Scholarships Announced

Five Belizean scholars are preparing to travel to Vancouver, Canada after being the successful applicants of the Queen Elizabeth the Second Diamond Jubilee scholarship awards.  The three young men and two young ladies will be working towards their Master’s Degree in programs centred on coastal resilience issues at the Vancouver Island University.  The scholarship awards were done via a project executed by the Belize Institute of Local Development which is a fairly young organization that was formed with the objective of undertaking projects for the betterment and development of local communities.  This organization is headed by Dr Roy Young.


The project is catering for seven scholars with five leaving for the new academic year in September and the other two scheduled to leave for the 2017 school year. The program is reciprocal as Belize will see the arrival of about twenty Canadian students of the Vancouver Island University who will be here either on internship or to conduct research as part of their studies.


Each scholarship covers tuition, travel and living expenses and the entire program is being estimated at eight hundred thousand Canadian dollars or just over one million Belize dollars and is set out to provide thirty one graduate and undergraduate students from Canada and Belize with scholarships.  Partnering with the Belize Institute for Local Development on this endeavour are the Belize Tourism Board, the University of Belize, the National Garifuna Council, the Belize Association of Planners and the Departments of the Local Government and Rural Development.  The five recipients are Eric Jahmal Sanchez, Kenneth Williams, Shirley Humes, Alfred Cal and Stacey Cayetano.