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Recovering addict shares testimony with the world

Many persons may recover from an addiction and celebrate their achievement in a very personal way. However, Errol Fabien, a native of Trinidad & Tobago, who is a recovering addict, is letting the world know that he has been delivered from addiction. He is celebrating by visiting fifteen countries including Belize.  Love News spoke with Fabien about the significance of visiting these countries.

Errol Fabrin Recovering Addict: In each of those countries I intend to have a two hour walk to make 30 hours for my 30 years drug free. In each of those countries I have a pledge that I want to present to the head of the state. Pledging myself,  my services for the rest of my life. To assist with a drug remand reduction program that the people of that country are embarking on. There are two different types of addicts: There are active addicts and there are recovering addicts. Today thank god I am a recovering addict but it is an illness that I live with; that I will live with for the rest of my life. Its like diabetes, its like cancer, its like any illness. The treatment for addiction though is to stop use drugs.

Johnelle Mckenzie: Do you replace that with something else .

Errol Fabrin Recovering Addict: Thats a very good question. Yes, and I when I just left the rehab center I foolishly replaced drugs with women and brought a lot of disaster into my life. Replacing the drug is one way of putting it but we all have something that at the center of our lives. When we are active drug addicts, believe you me drugs is at the center of our lives. In recovery as we find ourselves we find a new thing to put in the center of our lives that is down to our benefit and the benefit our loved ones and our society and our region and so; so yes we replace it but we can replace it with something healthy.

Fabien began his walk in Cuba. When he leaves Belize he will head to Jamaica.