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Red Cross Builds Its Team of Instructors

The Belize Red Cross hosted a three day training on First Aid Trainers at the Belize Institute of Management for some 22 volunteers from all district branches and HQ. It concluded yesterday and Volunteer, David Sobers told us more


“Well some of the methods are new to them because we are using the adopted new methodology, the American Red Cross methodology.  So, we are fine tuning some of their skills that they knew before as well as giving them new information in the methodology.”


“As opposed to what you were using before?”


“Well, we were using several combinations of methodologies from the British as well as the old American Red Cross so they had upgraded their methods and now we are using the American one that they have since implemented.”


“Would you say that it is more difficult method?”


“It’s not a more difficult method.  The actual presentation and the tools that we are using are actually easier for facilitators and instructors so we are just getting them used to the new methodology where we utilize more videos and more hands on techniques but we are actually going to evaluate and see their developmental process and making sure that we offer support as much as possible to each participant. We haven’t worked out the details for the next one but definitely we are working on focusing and enhancing and developing these current instructors that we are trying to train and create that process where we will be offering support to all of them. As funding and different opportunities arise we will definitely be working towards getting more instructors around the country but this is a good start and we have a good team of instructor trainers that will be working in the different districts to get more instructors under the Belize Red Cross umbrella active.”

Sobers says that the First Aid app can be downloaded using your mobile devices.