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Redemption and Recovery; Belize City’s Story

Assistance, as well as redemption, is the subject of our next story. Marcos Zelaya was shot 5 times several weeks ago as he was walking with family members including his father Jose Zelaya on Complex Drive in Belize City Streets. The Zelayas have had a checkered past with the city, but everyone deserves a chance at life and if our beleaguered city stands a chance of surviving the violence, it is in the best interest of the public to see meaningful change. The father is a former gangster turned entrepreneur. Jose Zelaya sold patties for a living. But Marcos because of associations was violently shot and yet, Marcos is now making a remarkable recovery. But the family has some setbacks. The hospital bills is in excess of ten thousand dollars and someone burned down the family home last week Thursday night.  Love News spoke to both father and son who are hoping that the public will assist them to getting back on their feet.

Marcus Zelaya: “I got shot five times: one in my head, two in the middle of my back and two in my shoulder but thanks to the people at Karl Heusner and my farther I get back slowly but surely everyday and I am here now you know. I am getting back some feeling slowly everyday. I don’t really have any pain or so again you know. Everything is just happening a little better everyday with the help of my dad and the everyday struggles and things that we are going through but still give thanks everyday.”

Jose Sanchez: “What does this do for you in personal life for example?”

Marcus Zelya: “Well this really gives me a big advantage in life for me to change my life and start to think in a different way and things towards life because first I used to not really worry about life but when this incident happened to me. It made me change my mentality towards things, everything is different. I just want to make the ghetto youths know that this gun thing and all of this is not really worth it because all we do is kill out one another and it hurts me to see that enough days I used watch a lot of ghetto youth out there getting killed and thing but when I experience it myself as a ghetto youth that got shot I see for myself that it is not worth it in life to be on the street.

Jose Zelaya: “The bill is like 10,300 dollars and it is hard right now so this morning I am just asking the public for help you know and assistance from the business sector, anybody that can assist me right now with whatever kind of donation right now you know. For the house or towards the hospital bill.”

Jose sanchez: “If there is a number that some one can reach you with donations and some sort of help how can they get through to you and your family?”

Jose Zelaya: “Well people can reach me at the phone number 654-1677 or people can also reach me at my family place at 8299 Complex Street you know. You can drop off whatever donation or help they have to offer me. I used to sell patties you know and I used to work. I used to do my security at night and then sell my patties in the morning and do a little messenger between 9 and 3 you know but right I am in a situation where my son needs 24 hours care plus I don’t have a house or home again too you know. I have to put everything on pause right now so at this moment all I can do is come and ask is for help. I will ask the nice, easy Belizean people to please find it in your heart to give me a helping hand.”

Prior to the incidents, Jose Zelaya worked as a food vendor but since his son is currently incapacitated, he spends time tending to his care.