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Reese Medina is Belize’s Candidate for Youth Advisor on the World Scout Committee

A member of the National Scout Committee has been nominated to serve as a Youth Advisor on the World Scout Committee. Twenty-five-year-old Reese Medina, Assistant Group Scout Leader for the twenty-seventh Santa Elena Jaguar Scout Group, is Belize’s candidate for the post of Youth Advisor 2021-2024. Medina has been involved in scouting for the past six years and her nomination is a first for the association. Today, our newsroom spoke to Medina who described the significance of the nomination.

Reese Medina, Youth Advisor Candidate: “This nomination is something that I had a plan to do but it was something that I was fully supported in and am currently supported in so I’m excited. I know my NSO is backing me up fully. I have international friends who are also encouraging me on and basically it’s going to give me the opportunity to connect with other youth around the world to discuss pressing issues that are affecting our youth not only within the organization of scouting but also worldwide as you know we have personal lives, we have our own careers that we’re trying to build up as youth and so this will give me that capacity to be able to engage with them. I’ll be able to communicate with the other candidates who have also reached out to me and they are very kind and I’m looking forward to getting to know them even more in the future. So basically the youth advisors will be voted on at the World Scout Youth Forum which will be held in August so there is some time for the election process for all of our campaigning and during that time of course like I said I want to reach out to the other youth delegates that will be attending the World Scout Forum and also the other youths within their communities just to get their feedback on things that are affecting our youth and how we can move forward because something that we’ve learned in scouting is that we learn from each other, there are best practices in one country that could do remarkable progress within our own countries as well so if we could reach out to each other and share these ideas then we would all be able to continue to make the world a better place and that’s what scouting is about, it’s about being a global active citizen.”

Medina, who is also the coordinator for the Messengers of Peace Association here in Belize, spoke of her plans to engage youth in meaningful projects once nominated to the committee.

Reese Medina, Youth Advisor Candidate: “If I am successful in being elected then I would be a part of the World Scout Committee. Now only six youth advisors would be elected and there are a total of nineteen candidates so that chances are very slim but still at the end of the day I think win or lose the reward will be the experience that I will gain from this entire election process and being able to meet new people, make new friends across the world. That’s something that I will value and find precious. So again if I’m elected as Youth Advisor I would be able to sit on that committee to provide advice in regards to a perspective of youth with whatever issues or policies and procedures that World Scout Organization is considering. The Youth Advisors do not have a vote but they do have influence within the committee because obviously it is an organization that is catering to youth so they want to hear our youth voices and so that is why the youth advisory positions are there in the first place so that they can gain that insight into how are youth feeling about these issues. And so that’s another thing going into my campaign that I wan to bring across is that I don’t want it to just be me as an individual youth I want it to be us together because our whole community of youth are amazing. They are vibrant leaders that inspire me everyday and so that’s why I had stated that I want to build this connection with them.”

Medina also noted that she is currently involved in a community garden outreach program that focuses on the issue of healthy and sustainable food options for community members that can be grown locally.