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Referendum education campaign receives international support

And while on the subject of the referendum, Foreign Minister Elrington says Belize has been receiving funding for the education process from the international community. We understand that a proposal for the campaign and referendum for a total of twelve million Belize dollars had been submitted but today the Foreign Minister was unable to say what it would actually cost. The international support is positive he says and as we have mentioned, the Ministry is inviting other sectors of the Belizean community to play an active role in the process. Civil society, such as the LGBTI community leaders, has been invited.

Wilfred Elrington – Belize Foreign Minister

“We’ve been having meetings with what’s his name, Caleb and they’re presented a wonderful proposal to help us. They have a lot of experience in advocacy and I have been asking him for the last two to three years to come on board. They recently put forward a lovely proposal and I know that he met with Alexis last week, so we are trying to spread a very wide net, bring in everybody who has the ability to help us to help us. We also reached out to the people down South.  We had some people working down south and some members of the Indian community, Indigenous community got a little concern because some of the questions that were being asked of them they were not really happy with. Actually we had not authorized that either so we’re seeking to sort that out. The important thing is that we are reaching out far and wide to every Belizean of every ethnic group will be properly informed as to what the issues are so that as they may be in a position to make valued judgment when they decide how to vote in the referendum.”

The Minister adds that another key figure in the campaign is Ambassador Assad Shoman whose work and input form part of the campaign.

Wilfred Elrington – Belize Foreign Minister

“Well Asaad has always been a part of the education effort as a matter of fact almost all the material we have been using have been generated by him and he has expressed his resolve to be of assistance whenever we ask him so to do. So he will always be in the picture as far as I am concerned.”