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Reggae and Dancehall Ol’ School Combo

Legendary Reggae artist, Eric Donaldson landed in Belize today along with old school dancehall artist, Flourgon.  Love News was at the Philip Goldson International Airport to greet them just before two o’clock this afternoon.  Donaldson who has been in the music industry for decades, has been to Belize over a dozen times that it is now like his second home.

Flourgon will be performing alongside Eric Donaldson on Sunday night at the Castleton Entertainment Park in Burrell Boom Village, Belize District with show time starting at 5pm.  We spoke with him as well and got a live acapella medley just outside the airport.

Sunday’s event is being organized by the Ayinha Adventures.  Blanca Narvalle gave us the details of the event and the reason behind their choice for Eric Donaldson.

Gates open at five o’clock on Sunday evening.