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Regional Heads of CARICOM To Discuss Key Issues in Belize

Interim Chair for the Caribbean Community is Belize’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow.  Last week CARICOM’s Secretary General Irwin LaRocque was in the country meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss his role as the Chair.  In February the heads of the CARICOM member states will meet on the Placencia peninsula for a Heads of Government meeting.  Prime Minister told us what some of the issues are that will be tabled.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: “The agenda hasn’t yet been worked out for the meeting. Heads of government have until seven days before the meeting to submit items for consideration but for me correspondent banking, CCJ and the need to persuade other member states of CARICOM to join until the appellate jurisdiction of the CCJ, regional security; we are beginning to feel that while there is no sense of any imminent threat in an ISIS related context we need to act now before such a threat can possibly materialize to stave off the possibility of such a threat materializing. So security will be extremely big on the agenda.”

Prime Minister will hand over the chairmanship to commonwealth of Dominica at the end of June.