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Regional Sanitary Landfill Progressing With International Standards

In 2013, Phase One of the Solid Waste Management Project started to take shape with the building of a five acre regional landfill located off Mile 24 on the George Price Highway. And recently, the San Pedro transfer station began operations in July. The regional sanitary landfill is built to international standards and has been recognized as one of the best constructed and operated landfill in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. Since 2013, Phase 1 has received a total of 50,000 metric tons of solid waste from the Belize City and San Ignacio/Santa Elena-Benque Viejo transfer stations. The project is moving smoothly as Phase 2 which consisted of another 5 acres was complete just two months ago. Sanitary Landfill 2With a total of 10 acres, the landfill now has the capacity to receive waste for another eight to ten years. The Solid Waste Management Project is being funded by the Government of Belize, the Inter-American Development Bank and the OPEC Fund for International Development. Belize Solid Waste Management Authority and Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture are the executing bodies.