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Regular Gasoline to Jump by Twenty Nine Cents

The pressure on vehicle owners and drivers is mounting as fuel prices are going up come midnight tonight. According to the Ministry of Finance, regular gasoline cost will jump twenty-nine cents from eleven dollars and forty cents to eleven dollars and sixty-nine cents per gallon. Kerosene will also see a sizable increase of fifty-eight cents, moving from seven dollars and sixty-two cents to eight dollars and twenty cents per gallon. Premium remains at twelve dollars and one cent while diesel stays steady at ten dollars and forty-five cents. Compared to where prices were last year, all four fuel types have seen significant jumps. In January 2021, premium sold at nine dollars and eighteen cents, reflecting an increase of two dollars and eighty-three cents. During that time, there were thirteen adjustments, ten of which saw the price increase. Premium also saw the largest year-on-year increase for any of the four fuel types. Last year at this time, kerosene was selling at five dollars and seventy-three cents per gallon and since then, it has increased ten times and reflects a year-on-year increase of two dollars and forty-seven cents. Regular gas, which has seen twenty-two adjustments, has seen an overall increase of two dollars and forty-two cents on last year’s figure of nine dollars and twenty-seven cents per gallon. Diesel has jumped almost two dollars over the last year after seen seventeen adjustments, fourteen of which were price increases. At that time, it was selling at eight dollars and forty-six cents per gallon.