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Regular Narco Planes on Clandestine Airstrips

Belize is one of several points along the narco-trafficking routes from South America to the United States. The creative drug traffickers employ every method to conceal the drugs into various household items like tiles and stuffed toys. However, when passing through Belize, they tend to use planes because our airspace, like the ground, isn’t well protected. Clandestine airstrips have been constructed for planes to land and they have also made use of our highways in northern and southern Belize. Lately, planes have been landing in the north of the country near the border with Mexico and when the police arrive on the scene, cargoes have been removed and the planes, torched. No evidence or trail is left to follow and the cycle continues. Minister of Police Elodio Aragon says it’s not that easy to investigate since it involves coordination by drug organizations based in other countries.

Minister of Police Elodio Aragon: That is always a concern; I mean these are some serious criminal activity. It is not the stealing of sweet in the store. You are talking about drug trafficking and it’s a serious  concern for National Security, a serious concern for the Police Department because these are the things that if we don’t put a check on it will lead to greater issues in the very near future and I think that we have to look at it and it’s not so easy but we as a Department with the resources and technology we have we are doing what we can but I do believe that there is more that can be done and we must do more.

Reporter: Sir but over the past months there have not been any concrete leads or evidence from the Police Department to remedy this situation. Does it create a black eye for the Department or what are your thoughts on that issue?

Minister of Police Elodio Aragon: Well all of these things that are happening are happening Clandestine airstrips etc. The thing is that the Police Department has a tremendous task to deal with here. You are talking about drug trafficking, you are talking about a drug organization that are in collusion. It is not only a local issue. It happens here locally but it has implications elsewhere and connections elsewhere and therefore it is challenging when it comes to the investigation and all this but I will tell you we are aware of these things that are happening and the Police Department is working in terms of their counterparts to look at how they can deal with this situation but it is challenging and I would want to see more and I think the people of Belize would want to see more. I know the foreign agencies want to see more action and I think we have to look at that and a lot of this has to rely on our human resource and these are things. We had major discussions on that everytime and we are looking at strategies on how we can best do that but a lot of this has to do with intelligence and these things cannot be discussed on the media.