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Is there a relationship between aneurysm and headaches?

A brain aneurysm is a bulge of a blood vessel in the brain which can rupture.  In some cases, the rupture of a brain aneurysm can be fatal. However, Kaylia Nunez survived the rupture of two brain aneurysms and she is on a campaign to create awareness so that persons do not have to suffer the same way.  Nunez spoke to Love News about her ordeal.

Kaylia Nunez – Founder, Belize Brain Awareness Society: Ages of 25 and at the age of 28, I had two brain aneurysm, it was an excruciating feeling, I heard when it burst.

Jonelle Mckenzie: How were you diagnosed? Or you weren’t diagnosed?

Kaylia Nunez – Founder, Belize Brain Awareness Society: I wasn’t diagnosed in the beginning. What actually happened is that when I fell ill the first time I was at home sick for a couple days until I went and saw Dr. John Sosa the neurologist.

Jonelle Mckenzie: What were some of your symptoms?

Kaylia Nunez – Founder, Belize Brain Awareness Society: I had headaches at very early age, headaches and migraines, constantly, all the time and that was like the first sign but we didn’t pay any attention to it because we felt like headaches were a normal thing for anyone but in actuality when I went and I did my treatment and my surgeries in Cuba, they found out that actually it was a sign. It was telling me that i had a malformation in my brain from the time of birth. After doing my surgeries I couldn’t walk. Walking was a problem, vision was a huge problem, I woke up out the ICU seeing upside down.

Nunez is creating awareness through her newly found organization Belize Brain Awareness Society, which will be launched on Saturday.

Kaylia Nunez – Founder, Belize Brain Awareness Society: What we are trying to do is to help persons that are already aware of what is taking place in their brain, oh okay well i have this headache, well i have these seizures, i get these tremblings, i get all of these feelings, your body is telling you something because our body talks to us you know, our body talks to us  and we need to start from now to cherish it.

Jonelle Mckenzie: Talk about your organization? Is your organization to create awareness or is it also a support system for persons who may have this or had it at some point.

Kaylia Nunez – Founder, Belize Brain Awareness Society: it’s you would say i am trying to combine the two of them. Our vision is basically three pillars; the three pillars are one we are here to educate not only to those that know that have been diagnosed but those that have not been diagnosed and to even those that are caretakers because caretakers also need to know and be aware of what the other person is going through. We also have the support. We will render support, our support is where by the board of directors they are there, utilize them.

Persons who are interested in becoming a member of the organization can call 614-5055 for more information.