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Remembering the Father of the Nation

The Right Honorable George Cadle Price, the Father of the Nation, died on September 19, 2011. However, he still lives on in our hearts, especially the members of the People’s United Party, PUP, which he led for four decades.  Today, the Father of the Nation would have been 100-years-old and this morning the PUP held a ceremony at his grave at the Lord Ridge Cemetery in his honor and in remembrance of his legacy.  Mayor Bernard Wagner gave the welcome remarks.

Mayor Bernard Wagner: “ There are many accolades that have been bestowed upon him for his remarkable achievements, exemplary life and tremendous leadership. Just say his name and a river will flow. It is because he saw many positive things in so many of us both here and indeed throughout the world and that today I do not stand in his shadow but rather in his light of determination of Belize and his extraordinary leadership which continues to inspire all of us. I commemorate and celebrate his birth and achievements today but I declare that we should live by his example today and everyday. The Right Honorable George Cadle Price served the people as Lord Mayor of Belize City from 1958 to 1962 until he was elected to serve as the nation’s first Minister. This Belize City Council would pay appropriate tribute to commemorate his extraordinary life to celebrate his tremendous achievements even as we seek to live by the guidance of his example with the commissioning of a portrait to grace our institution. We all know that there can be no greater tribute to this man whose life reminds us always that we too can make our lives sublime by striving to serve our people.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Silvia Flores a former speaker of the House of Representatives spoke about his many accomplishments.”

Silvia Flores: “We are remembering this earthly birthday today but in paradise and throughout eternity George Price celebrates eternal life. It is worth mentioning that the national hero shares this birth date with another extraordinary human being the late Martin Luther King Jr.. George Price came from his parents William and Irene Cecilia Price in a physical sense but in a philosophical and otherwise sense George Price was the child of Belize. Belize gave birth to him and nurtured him and thus he was sent to fulfill the mission of his creator and not necessarily to fulfill the desires of his parents. Much has been written, said and remembered about the accomplishments of George Price and one such singular accomplishments has been the attainment of our sovereign Belizean Independence with all our territories in tact.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “The leader of the Opposition John Bricenio noted that the Father of the Nation was a humble man.”

Leader of the Opposition”: “100 years ago in this beautiful nation George Price was born. He grew up like most of the children of his day under colonial rule where there was no electricity, little if any running water, no modern plumbing and all of those basic things that we today take for granted and yet not one of these challenges prevented him from realizing his ambition to become a good person, a virtuous man and someone who would be chosen to lead this nation to Independence. When you think about it Mr. Price never aspired for the job of Father of the Nation. He wanted to be a priest to serve in a pastoral capacity and yet circumstances were such that he found himself responding to a different calling, to another kind of work even though still in service of others. Today across our nation there is no official holiday to mark the birth of Mr. Price and still we in the PUP take the time to come here by his grave not to mourn but to fondly remember his life.

Johnell Mckenzie: “Students from St. Martin’s De Porres Primary School were also present at this morning’s event where several wreaths were laid on his grave.”

Johnelle Mckenzie reporting for Love News.


Several students from St. Martin’s de Porres Primary School were also present at this morning’s event where several wreaths were laid on his grave.