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Removal of Mark Flowers as GSU Commander Confirmed

Mark Flowers was to be arraigned today in the Magistrates Court for charges surrounding the allegation that he had engaged in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Love News understands that Flowers was notified late and therefore he will not be appearing until tomorrow. Five days ago the Ministry of National Security spoke about revitalizing the Gang Suppression Unit to mitigate the gang issues in Belize. At that time of the conference, Flowers was on vacation leave and the allegation was still being investigated. By the following day, we had gotten credible information that there was a new command of the GSU in the name of Inspector Glenn Caliz. Today, when we spoke with National Security Minister John Saldivar, we were told that the removal of Flowers as the head of GSU was in the pipeline for a few weeks now.


“He was the Acting Commander because the commander at the time had been on vacation. I believe that Commander has now returned but the decision was made two weeks ago to replace the Commander upon his return and that is what has also happened.”


“Does this have anything to do with the investigation of Mr.Flowers ?”


“No it does not, we are giving a new focus and we thought that a change is a good thing at this time, it has nothing at all to do with any misconduct or anything on the part of Mr.Flowers and this was a decision that was made even before the complaint was made against him.”

Mark Flowers had been in command of the GSU since August 2014 when he took over from Lynden Flowers who had a brief stint as GSU command after replacing Marco Vidal.