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Removal of ‘Munchi’ as PUP Treasurer Not Unconstitutional

As your may have heard in our newscast last week, the PUP held a National Executive meeting where the issue surrounding Cervantes and his removal as Treasurer came up.  While the National Party Council is yet to ratify such a move, the Executive Committee of the Orange Walk North in a letter to the Chairman had deemed it unconstitutional.  Chairman Usher explained to Love News that it is not unconstitutional at all.


“I did receive the letter, I received it over the weekend and I have given my response today. They should be getting that response sometime today. The National Executive gave the party leader the authority to make recommendations or changes to the composition of the National Executive. He made those recommendations, it will be taken to the National Party Council for ratification. There is a process in which decisions made by the National Executive need to be ratified,  they are taken to the next national party council meeting and that is what is going to happen at our next meeting, that is what the constitution calls for under article 13, 3 talks about the National Executive being able to make changes for the administration of the party, as long as those changes are ratified that is part of the process.”

Also waiting for ratification from the National Party Council is the installation of Lake Independence Area Representative, Cordel Hyde as the National Deputy Leader in the PUP.  As it relates to the letter from the Orange Walk North committee, Chairman Usher says that they should have received a response from him today.