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Repeated Home Invasions in New Site Dangriga Have Residents Fearful


A woman was attacked while at her home in Dangriga. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports.


“A 35-year-old woman of Second New Site in Dangriga was brutally attacked last night while she was in her house sleeping. Reports here are saying that the perpetrator entered the house through a small window located on the back side of Dangriga Attack 2the house and proceeded to attack the women who sustained head injuries. Residents from the neighborhood say that they are fed up with this kind of repeated disturbing home invasions. Ramona Pock spoke with Love News.”


“Somebody entered through the bathroom window and attacked the window in her house with a pint bottle. They beat her in her head and she was sleeping in her bead when he attacked her with the pint bottle and she was trying to defend herself but he overpowered here, took off her clothes and tied her with her own clothes. He attacked the other lady that was with her as well, attacked the little girl, and he took off their clothes and tied them with it.  So when she was trying to defend herself she was screaming for help and when he tied them she was trying to defend herself and he ran through the door and jumped down from the veranda and after that she loosened herself and that is when the neighbors heard her and helped her. Dangriga Attack 3They were calling the police but they didn’t come. The bed is filled with blood from where the man hit her in her head with the pint bottle. That didn’t just happen one time; this has happened a lot of time around this area in Dangriga and we want the police to be more vigilant with these attacks that are happening with these people because first they attacked a Cuban nurse then they attacked a 12 year old girl in her house during the same time, at night. Then they tried with another woman and now they attacked this one in her house and we believe that the culprits are in the area watching these people who are working hard. These are Spanish people who are working hard for themselves.”


“Another resident of the said area, Peter Reyes, who is a member of the neighborhood watch group assisted the victim to the hospital and police station. The bed of the victim was observed with blood all over it and she is still in a state of shock while her attacker is still on the loose.”


“The police have not shown up, up to this morning, up to now they have not come to check what happened.  They didn’t come to check finger prints or foot prints because we saw the man’s foot print in the sand. I went to the hospital and when I went there I waited nearly an hour. I took her to the hospital while she was still bleeding and I stayed there and called the police and the station and they told me that they don’t have any transportation and they are short of this and that and a lot of excuses. So the problem is that they don’t have access to transport to do their jobs the proper way so this is a crime many a time in 2nd New Site.  So I don’t know how we can stop it. I want the police to come and patrol here and let the PetroCaribe money roll for Dangriga so the police could get their transportation and what they need to do their jobs the proper way. This has to stop.”