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Republic of China (Taiwan) donates to trade

The Republic of China (Taiwan) is one of the country’s staunch allies that continues to contribute to Belize’s development. Their latest contribution comes in the form of sixty thousand US dollars earmarked for trade development. This morning the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), His Excellency Remus Li-Kuo Chen, handed over the first disbursement of thirty thousand US dollars to Tracy Taegar- Panton, the Minister of Trade.

Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), H E Remus Li-Kuo Chen: “As the Ambassador of the Republic of China, Taiwan I am honored to be here today to represent our Government to hand over the disbursement to Minister Panton to facilitate two Taiwanese investment missions. So the bond between Belize and Taiwan is solid and strong. Many projects and programs of trade,education, culture, information technology, public health, agriculture, aquaculture have been successfully implemented over the past 30 years. Especially in trade issues our Embassy enjoys very good relations with Minister Panton, the Ministry and your great team with very hard working spirit and excellent professionalism including BELTRAIDE and your great staff. Through this project it is expected that the bilateral trade investments will continue to grow strong. The beauty about this new initiative is actually matchmaking by inviting potential Taiwanese business leaders who have interest in investing in Belize to come and meet with Belizean local companies and their representatives to have in depth discussions. A small step now which may bring hopefully in the future many big steps in investment here in Belize.”

Taegar-Panton told the media that Belize is in an ideal position to benefit in the export market as Taiwan is looking to work closely with CARICOM countries.

Tracy Taegar- Panton, the Minister of Trade: “And so this opportunity to look at organizing a formal investment trade mission from Belize to Taiwan and from Taiwan to Belize we feel will open up many new doors for those who wish to invest and support trade relations to Belize and so we are very grateful indeed to the Ambassador for the support of your Government and people as we continue to work at expanding our economic agenda. The idea is for us to try and build partnerships with investors in Taiwan with potential business investment interests in Belize so we are going to look at some of our Shovel Ready Projects but we are also going to look at where we can tap in to new investment dollars from companies in Taiwan and hopefully to bridge that partnership not only for investment but also starting to have the conversation in terms of trade facilitation. We do very little trade with Taiwan at least from Belize to Taiwan. One of the products that we do have there is Marie Sharp as you know but how we build on the opportunities not only for investment dollars coming in but  actually for some of our products to actually get on the shelf in Taiwan.”

Taegar-Panton said that the first mission is to explore business ventures with Taiwanese businesses, planned for May 4 to May 11.  It is hoped that by the second mission there will be solid business relationships formed with markets in Taiwan.  While today focused on building on the export market, Minister Taegar-Panton was in the south last week addressing the challenges faced by some of the producers.

Tracy Taegar- Panton, the Minister of Trade: “The tour was really gave us an opportunity to meet with our clients at BELTRAIDE. Those who have applied for some type of incentive regime from Government to hear from the directly what immediate concerns they may be having: how we may able to address those concerns as a Government and how we can help to strengthen the partnerships we already have. How we can continue to ensure that the products that are certified for export can have greater access to markets that we are now negotiating with. I think it is very important for us to be on the ground to see and hear for ourselves you know. It is easy to sit in your office but the relationships we cultivate and the networks we build when we are on the ground are crucially important for the business sector and for the productive sector.”

Minister Taegar-Panton plans to do a second trip to meet with other stakeholders in the export business.