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Reregistration is politics and Castro is Clearing the Voters list

“Your Right to Vote Depends on it” is the slogan for the re-registration of electors exercise that started at the beginning of July. It’s important to clean the list for 2020 as politicians need to know what matters to their constituents. In some areas, politicians are taking up the challenge to get people to re-register as if it was an election. Scrutineers, stalls to greet people and mobilization units by car or by bus are all being employed to get electors to the designated re-registration areas. It comes at a cost and some politicians are crying. But not the area representative for Belize Rural North, Edmond Castro; his team is working villages in the Rural North and he has done everything possible, including advertising their campaign locations on Facebook. Castro told Love News re-registration is politics so that’s what he’s doing.

Edmond Castro, Area Rep, Belize Rural North: “Well basically it’s politics and if you are in the game of politics you must understand what it takes to win and if you want to win then you need to get your people on the list because those people who are not in the list will not be able to vote in the next general elections. So in our case in Belize Rural North we know one thing to do and it’s how to win and we make sure we get out our people to put them on the list.

Reporter: On election day that is when you see the mobilization of people from the granny in the wheelchair to the taxi man being mobilized to take people for that one day, it’s a one day expense, what have you been doing and is it an everyday experience?

Edmond Castro, Area Rep, Belize Rural North: “Well everyday is election day for us because what we are doing in the Belize Rural North area is that we bring out our people and we need to get them to the polls we have vehicles that bring them out, we make sure that if you go to Sandhill or Maskall where we are it would be like an election day every day for that week or that duration of time that we are in. It’s no different than election day, we have our booth, we have our table, chairs we have our computer we have everything so at the end of the day we know exactly how much of our people we brought out and how many people total came out to register.”

Reporter: Now even though it’s an exercise for the country are you taking additional people other than the people you know would vote for you?

Edmond Castro, Area Rep, Belize Rural North: “I look for the people that are with me my brother. I look for the people who want to vote for me and those are the people we get on the list.”

Reporter: And how has that exercise been looking ? If you can recall how successful have you been so far and how  and how much more do you need to carry on through to the next month ?

Edmond Castro, Area Rep, Belize Rural North: “So far up to yesterday it’s 1,834 people registered total in the Belize Rural North constituency, of that we brought out approximately 1,274 people that we actually brought out that support us to get on that list so I think we are doing quite okay and we will continue that momentum until the next general elections two years from now.”

The re-registration centers will be opened for the first three months of the exercise.