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Resident Says Hopkins Village Has No Police Presence

Yesterday we brought you the story of a Russian national who lives in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District whose home was invaded by three masked men in late April.  We also brought you the story of an American national whose home was invaded last week as well and in early April there was an incident where foreigners who were camping in the village were robbed.  At the time of the robbery, in early April, a vocal resident, Tricia Wipfler had expressed concerns over the lack of police officers in the village.  With the recent reports of crimes being committed in the village, we spoke to one of the villagers, Mickey Castillo to ask him to share with us his observations in the village as they pertain to security and policing.


“There is a police station here in Hopkins; it’s right at the entrance and indeed there will be times you would go by that police station and you get no response from any police officer and I myself live on the north side of town. If I tell you that I have seen a uniformed police on the street within the past four or five months I would be lying to you because I have not and that was a concern that I was talking over with one of my buddies last night because we were talking about these rash of burglaries … because one, it does nothing for the Hopkins tourist economy.  Actually it will turn off people from coming to the village, who are getting these reports. So we were talking about the last time we’ve seen a police taking a patrol and both our responses to one another were “it’s been so long I’m not even certain that we have a police here: I had seen a couple of guys who were policemen riding on motorbikes but that I assume would have been convenient because the roads here in Hopkins are not the best.  So, having a trail bike would be the best indeed to run around the village doing patrols and that kind of stuff but again I will repeat that I have not seen a police at least a uniformed police, I haven’t seen one in quite a long time.”