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Residents of Belama Phase four will get to stay

Earlier this month, we told you about some twenty families in Belama Phase Four, Belize City, who were given eviction notice to get off lands they had been occupying for some time now.  The situation was dire since these squatters had built their lives on these properties and had nowhere to go.  Orson Elrington, UDP’s Standard Bearer for Freetown, intervened on these families’ behalf by meeting with the land owner, Fen Lan Company and a proposal was arrived at.  Elrington told Love News that he has subsequently met with the residents who seem to be in agreement with the proposal.

OJ Elrington UDP Standard Bearer: ”Yesterday I was able to discuss the proposal of Mr. Chang with the residents and the residents seemingly have unanimously agreed that it is a reasonable offer and it is one that they are willing to take up. In effect the proposal is that the residents will be offered the opportunity to have a legal lease meaning a legal right to be on the property away. The residents will enter into individual lease agreements with the owner of the property. That lease agreement is being prepared over this week but essentially what the lease agreement will say is that the residence has the right to be there and that they will reside there for a minimum of two years while Mr. Chang decides exactly what he is going to do with the property. The persons they will pay an initial $50 deposit and $50 subsequent monthly in advance after that.

Elrington said that entering into a lease agreement with the company will be very beneficial for these residents.

OJ Elrington UDP Standard Bearer: “They would then have the legal right to be there. They would no longer be illegally occupying the property and therefore we would all know that with that there comes certain rights and beyond just the rights it would offer the opportunity for a number of other things to happen. Most notably what some of the residence has been asking for is the ability for us to be able to lobby for better streets in the area, other infrastructure work such as electricity and water.

Elrington added that these residents should sign the lease agreement by the end of the week.