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Residents in Mexican Village say they witnessed drug smuggling before Beechcraft crash landed in Belize

The Belize Police Department has not provided any update on the investigation into the clandestine landing of a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 in a pasture in the Cuatro Leguas area in Southern Orange Walk District, an area located behind Blue Creek Village.That happened shortly after 12:00 a.m. on March 15, and one man was detained but later released. On Tuesday this week, however, the media in Chetumal, Mexico reported eyewitness accounts of a large scale drug operation that leads right back to the aircraft that was found in the vicinity of Blue Creek Village. A report from Linea de Fuego, based primarily on eyewitness accounts from residents of Ramonal Village, a community along the Rio Hondo River near the border to Belize, says villagers saw the operation in play hours before an aircraft crash landed in Belize. In its report, eyewitnesses who were reportedly in the village park at the time, saw an aircraft hovering unusually low over the river. It is alleged that meanwhile, six large boats waited in a water channel known as “El Creck” which connects to Patchakan Village in the Corozal District. About twenty persons were in the boats and some were armed. The report goes on to say that witnesses saw packages being thrown out of the plane. Minutes later the six boats headed to the middle of the river and in less than ten minutes they recovered up to one hundred packages from the water. They then left the area through the same water channel known as “El Creck”. The report adds that on the following day, the same eyewitnesses were surprised to hear that a suspected drug plane had crash landed behind Blue Creek Village in Belize. These eyewitnesses, upon seeing pictures of the aircraft reportedly confirmed it was the same they had seen over the river the day before. Belize Police say that the aircraft was empty when they found it and that, at the time, they were still unable to verify what kind of cargo, if any, was being transported in the aircraft. Police say they found traces of blood in the pilot seat area. A white pickup was also located, but along the Mexican border. Police say they also observed traces of blood on the vehicle. According to police, whoever was in or near the plane attempted to set it on fire.