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Residents of Fabers Road say progress brings problems

After nineteen years, Fabers Road is being rehabilitated which is welcoming news to the residents.  Before the works commenced, there was controversy as some questioned the price tag of just under eight million dollars.  The contract was signed on October 12, 2017, between the Government and Imer Hernandez Development Company.  Today we visited the area to get the residents’ reaction to the ongoing works.


“I feel really great about it but seeing it for myself it’s really puzzling and it brings a lot of questions because first of all my house is very low. From what I’m seeing to the sidewalk that is very high when it rains I don’t know what will happen I don’t see any drainage for the water to come out of the yard and my house is really flat on the ground and that is my biggest concern, the flooding.”


I see a whole lot of problems but in the midst of progress, you can see that you have an inconvenience. I don’t mind the inconvenience because after a time it’s going to be good, but right now my vehicle can’t come in my yard. My son has to have his vehicle on other people’s property but that is the only inconvenient.”

Businesses have found the construction to be an inconvenience.  The owner of JR Lumber Yard told us that he got his neighbor’s permission to cut an outlet on his property in order for customers to access his business. He added that it has also slowed down business.