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Residents of Indianville welcome Street Works

Repair work on several bad streets continued at the weekend in Punta Gorda. We hear more in this report from correspondent Paul Mahung.

Paul Mahung

“Deputy Mayor Ashton McKenzie was at the streets repair site where spoke to love news.”

Deputy Mayor Ashton McKenzie

“In the month of September my team and I in collaboration with the caretaker for the constituency Mr. Edel Martinez; we commence with the rehabilitation of ten streets and this was done by Belize Minerals Limited and now we are in the process of getting ready to commence with the second project which has been slated to commence within the next two-three weeks. So what we are basically doing right now is to provide interim relief to the residence of Indian Ville area; you know all the motorist who traffic the areas can all attest to the fact that the potholes are quite sizeable and this is just to grant like I said Interim release until the project kicks off.”

Paul Mahung

“Generally bad street condition in Punta Gorda remains a concern by many here and plans for upcoming rehabilitation of bad streets in town as mentioned by Deputy Mayor McKenzie is welcoming news for Motorcyclists and Pedestrians.”