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Resource Center renamed and reopened

Mayor Darrell Bradley has re-opened the Resource Center that Carlos Perdomo once opened on Kelly St. The center is to be used as a safe place for tutoring services, after school work, research and as well a playground for younger children. Mayor Darrell Bradley explained the importance of the resource center.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“This center was closed for a significant period of time and one of the thing that we wanted to do was ensure that the center is reopened so that what we did is we are turning this area into a green space, we have installed swing sets and picnic tables and we relaunched the Carlos Perdomo empowerment center. We got a donation of four computes, we retrofitted inside, put up poster and painted and so from Monday from the hours of 1pm to 6pm this area will be opened. We wanted to get it in time for the opening of school, the computers were a little bit delayed in coming back into Belize because we got them from abroad because we got them through the generous donation of one of our sponsors. So for Monday everything will be set and we are trying to encourage as many young people as possible to use the area.”

Mayor Bradley, says this that initiative is him wearing both hats, as Mayor of Belize City as well as candidate for Caribbean shores.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

I’m here wearing both hats and I mentioned this previously, everything that I do for City Hall helps you in Caribbean Shores to a significant extent because its leadership with whichever capacity but in terms of the actual contributions that were generated from here, we got all of its sponsored primarily from people who came from our committee the people who worked on cleaning the area, making sure it was set up it was people from our Caribbean Shores office so that I would say that while in terms of City Hall it’s very difficult to separate being mayor and being a political aspirant for Caribbean Shores but it’s the same heart, vision and leadership but in terms of the effort and resources that came to make this possible including and especially the computers and the posters and things like that that came from sponsors from members of our committee.”

The Empowerment Center is now called the Carlos Perdomo Empowerment Center since he was the one that first opened the center and started the initiative.