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Who is responsible for Civic Center tragedy?

Often times it takes tragedy such as the one at the Civic Centre for officials to pay attention at the laws broken and the need for policies.  Perhaps the biggest question to emerge from this tragedy is whether or not the men had their hard hats and gears considering the safety hazards they faced at the work site.  From all indications, this was not the case nor was it a requirement.  The other question to surface is, who will take responsibility for the injuries of these men?  We can tell you that APEX Limited has washed its hand of any blame.  They issued a release today, stating that the men were contracted by a roofing company contracted by the Belize Infrastructure Limited.  According to Apex’s general manager, Garth Guthrie, they were not involved in the contracting process and did not schedule the repairs. A few minutes later came the release from the Belize Infrastructure Limited.  BIL stated that the accident was, “a result of a platform failure that connects the scaffold at a heightened level.” According to BIL, the roofing contractor they hired was an experienced one with a professional construction track record. The contractor has conducted other projects for BIL in the past. The name of that contractor, however, has yet to be released.  We will keep following this story.
Press release sent out by Belize Infrastructure Limited following scaffolding accident at the Belize Civic Centre