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Restore Belize helping students to realize their dreams

Restore Belize continues to make a difference in the lives of Belizeans. Today Restore Belize handed out twenty-seven scholarships that will give students the opportunity to further their education.  The keynote speaker, Sheryl Terry, the Deputy Director for Public Relations at Belize Water Service Limited, charged the students to stay the course.

Sheryl Terry Deputy Director Public Relations Manager: Let me start off by offering congratulations to recipients of the 2018 I Am Belize Scholarship program. You have been given this wonderful opportunity that will help you unlock your true potential. The Bible says in 2nd Timothy 4 verse 2 and I summarize that we are to be prepared in season and out of season. Simply put we have to be ready at all times when opportunity knock. In the interest of time I would like to highlight four of the eleven terms and conditions that really gave me the inspiration to address you this afternoon. The first one said that, “ I will attend school faithfully and maintain an overall attendance rate of 85% or higher” and then the last one said “ I will not use alcohol, marijuana or any other recreational drugs for the duration of my scholarship” and so I am in agreement with all of these condition. I believe that they are great tools for you to unlock your true potential for a successful life.

Restore Belize believes that education is key to re-establishing peace in our country and to bring about greater development. Restore Belize’s donor partners for this initiative included the Belize Electricity Limited and the Belize Water Services Limited.