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RET Belize molding future leaders

RET International is a humanitarian organization which has been in existence since 2005 and its headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland.  The organization has been working in Belize since October 2015, with funding from the US State Department. RET Belize is involved in working with young people through building their leadership skills. For the past eight months, RET has been working with students from Nazarene High School in Belize City. Hector Sabido, Quick Impact Project Officer, spoke about the initiative.

Hector Sabido – Quick Impact Project Officer: Well what we are doing here today is basically culminating the training that we did with them over the past eight months. They were trained in leadership, things like communication, self-esteem, conflict management and they were also trained in project management. They were taught how to look at the problems that exist within their communities and how to take those problems and turn them around to make them positive. We also created a Youth Action Group in each of these schools, there will be a network where they will be working together and today then culminates that. One of the things that they need to do is actually carry out a project within in their community and their community can be their school. In this case with Nazarene High School they chose their school to do their Quick Impact Project and they have a very interesting project that they will be carrying out today; they gathered funds working along with different stakeholders to establish a mini library that they will able allowing their fellow students to utilize and they will also be donating a photocopier for this project whereby the students will be able to utilize to make copies of their references and homework and so on.”

Love News also spoke with Jeniecia Sanker, Counsellor at Nazarene High School, about the kind of impact the project has made amongst the students.

Jeniecia Sanker, Counsellor at Nazarene High School:  Today is like the closing of the training but yet the opening of a part of the training so what happens is that after they have been trained; their challenge is to come up with a project as leaders to like activate what they have learned and so based on what they’ve learned they came up with several projects and so we work together to fine tune to find the best one and so what they came up with is to establish  a library and they are excited about that because at the library they will have access to different to different books that they use on their book lists and so it’s like a start to a bigger library and a resource center as well.”

Jonelle: Did you see a difference the project made in their lives?

Jeniecia Sanker, Counsellor at Nazarene High School: “Certainly they are so excited like they want to do so my projects, we have go like okay guys one at a time, let’s schedule, we need to raise funds and we both RET and Nazarene high school work together to make the project possible and so yes they are and even in their classroom you can see them taking charge, guys sit down wait until the teacher is here and stuff like that so yes I can see them being leaders.”

RET Belize has also been working with other schools such as Delille Academy, Georgetown High School, Independence High School, Valley of Peace Seventh Day Adventist, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.