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Retired Colonel George Lovell addresses police officers’ transfers

Senior officials in the Belize Police Department sought to transfer several officers from the Orange Walk Police Formation following the massive drug bust in September.  In that bust, two officers, including the commander for the area, Superintendent David Chi and Police Constable Norman Anthony were arrested in connection with the incident. This was met with some opposition and three of the officers took the matter to court represented by Anthony Sylvestre.  The case was dismissed today in the court of Justice Courtenay Abel.  It is a case that the CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Colonel George Lovell, spoke about.

RETD Colonel George Lovell: “We have clear rules and regulation that governs transfer. The Public Service Revelation is quite clear, it speaks to an individual being given notice in January to March of each year and the transfer takes place in June July of that same year unless it is for exigencies of service and so whenever you would move someone outside of that time and it’s clearly an exigence of service that should be clearly stipulated in that transfer letter or anything that is given to that individual. It seems as if though while the individual was told that these things were not clearly stipulated in writing and given to the individuals and our people do use that against the system but I think the Police Department and the Ministry have learned from that experience and I am looking forward to all the transfers that will come as a result of that experience that we have had.”