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Retired public officers honored

Today the Belize City Public Service Committee honored 15 retired public service officers. The ceremony was held in Belize City and in attendance were the honorees along with the Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries, Charles Gibson. The Keynote address was given by Lizbeth Castillo.

Lisbeth Castillo – Guest speaker

“Public service has never been and will never be the most profitable or glamorous line of work. The men and women being honored here today have done so much for visitors to our shores, citizens and our country. Things we tend to take for granted but with all the many challenges faced, they carried on putting the needs of others first, one person and one need at time. I am sure that no one here would trade one day for the opportunities afforded them along with the rewards and pleasures received from working in the public service. As past public officers I am sure that many if not all of you set the tons of thousands of employees who look to you for guidance and inspiration. It has been said that the effectiveness of public officers determine whether a government succeeds and meets its obligation to the public, this is so true but is sometimes misunderstood by so many. Public officers are special hardworking employees that oftentimes go unnoticed and unrewarded. It is therefore so important that we honor persons like yourselves today while you are still able to appreciate, accept and participate.

David Gibson, Minister of Pubic Service

“I want to first of all to pay recognition to the persons over here. I want to say that since 2006 that the Ministry of Public service started to have recognizing public officers, in particular persons who had served 25 years. I am told that in 2005 it actually started with an exhibition in the foyer of the administration building in Belmopan but nevertheless I am very pleased that the Belize City public service day committee has taken the initiative to recognize, to honor those public officers who were not part of the 2006 onward recognition, because if we started in 2006 and so as a result of that those persons who had retired earlier or perhaps their names might not have been submitted to us, were not recognized but today is your special day. Today is a day that the government of Belize says thanks to you for the sterling work that you have done and like somebody had said earlier continue to do for the development of this country.”

The list of Honourees included Anthony Belisle, Telford Moody, Dorothy Budram, Faye Pollard, Winston Grant, Godswell Flores, Michael Usher, Kent Locke, Carmen Barrow, Sandra Kingston, Andre Ayuso, Jean Lucas, Adolph Lucas, Marjorie Scott and Cynthia Nunez.