Return Of Vital Statistics Mobile Clinics

Return Of Vital Statistics Mobile Clinics

The mobile clinics for the Vital Statistics Unit (VSU) is one of the enhancements made for persons across the country.  This move began under the former Attorney General, Magali Marin-Young who explained, last week, that it is an initiative that was put on pause during the pandemic.

Magali Marin Young, Former Attorney General: “During COVID those had to be suspended and we recently restarted those and I can tell you we have been able to access a lot of citizens in those rural remote communities. We just completed Toledo. We did Belize District earlier this year. We did Toledo last month. And this weekend we are doing Stann Creek. So we are doing district by district but I’m told that over 400 persons access the one in Toledo and the area reps are saying they need another mobile clinic in Toledo. So it has certainly been welcome and we were able to access remote villagers.”

Reporter: What do you find is the most, the highest request? 

Magali Marin Young, Former Attorney General: Vital statistics ? I would say late registration because you know especially in rural communities they may not necessarily go to the hospitals or after they have their babies, they go back to their villages and do not register their newborn within the time period that they are required to do so and so years go by and they don’t register. And you know, the schools accept children, I think a baptismal certificate and so forth and you know after a period of time and they want a social security card or they want a passport, that’s when they realize they really need to get a birth certificate. So that certainly, in the mobile clinics, it would be late registrations.”

In addition to the VSU clinics across the country, the now former Attorney General, Magali Marin-Young says the plan is to move the Vital Stats office to a more conducive locations.

Magali Marin Young, Former Attorney General: “So VSU, as you know, from day one it was my objective to fully digitize VSU and it’s been slow in getting that done, but I can assure you that contracts have been signed for software design, software developers are currently working on developing the platform and software to digitize. We are busy scanning files right now. And I think by the end of next year or maybe before then the vital statistics should be fully digitized. Vital statistics will be moving very shortly to the Charles Bartlett Hyde. As you know it’s cramped in its current location and we’ve seen members of the public having to queue on the roadside on Barrack Road and Queen Street. There will be adequate parking at the Charles Bartlett. There will be adequate room and safe storage of the files for vital stats. We’ve also tried to, you know, there were allegations of corruption and so forth we have tried to, as best as possible to eliminate opportunities. We have a great management team right now running vital statistics again two women who are working tirelessly to offer services and improve the services making it customer friendly. Through the assistance of UNDP we have worked on our communication strategy and so the staff have undergone and will continue to undergo training with customer service. We have a logo which will be launched when they relocate to the Charles Bartlett Hyde building. And so, you know, vital statistics very soon will be up and up and I’m sure that it will be one of the departments that members of the public will, you know, appreciate good service from. It took a little while. Of course, we had to, the government had to access loan funding to digitize vital statistics and certainly to relocate to the new facilities and all that. 

Reporter: This is the Norway company? 

Magali Marin Young, Former Attorney General: “Yes, yes. It’s the same company that worked on the digitization of the Belize Company’s registry.”

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