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Revolving fund to be established says NEMO minister

Several areas and its residents are still reeling from the rain and damages that Hurricane Eta left behind.  The new NEMO Minister Orlando Habet spoke on the funding aspect of the natural disasters and his plans to establish a revolving fund.

Orlando Habet, NEMO Minister: “We have to look at each district because we know that especially those on the coast are affected more by the hurricanes and water and also we have to look at inland because there are some areas which are prone to flood but certainly we have to look at the infrastructure in terms of what we have right now that can be strengthened and reinforced and we know that in certain areas especially in the villages they have don’t have community centers, those that have need to be refurbished, some of them are schools and some of the schools are possibly not on high ground so all these things have to be looked at. But in addition what we also have to look at it also how can we increase the funding available for disaster management. Most of the time funding is assigned based on the result of the disaster after the hurricane has passed but we need to change that way of doing things, we need to have a fund specifically for that and if it is not spent in one year then it can flow over into the next year so that you can increase that funding and I believe that that funding if the Prime Minister can agree is something that can be built upon and so you have sort of a revolving fundi within that ministry and that way we’ll be able to have our own funding and if there is assistance which comes from outside which usually comes in terms of food, clothing, stuff like that then we can also have storage where we can have availability when it is needed.”