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After Reward posted, Cop Shooter Surrenders but doesn’t collect the Bounty

Ulide Allen, the 21 year old man that ran a very fast sprint through the Transparent BPO’s yard from Coney Drive in Belize City yesterday, became the subject of a very short manhunt that started with 500 dollars being offered by the COMPOL, Chester Williams. Private donors raised that amount to 2,000 throughout the night but when morning broke, Allen, in the company of an attorney surrendered to the police department. This public enemy number one’s face was blasted all over social media shortly after he shot Police Constable Leon Higinio yesterday and that’s because Allen’s face was registered by magistrate court reporters as well as the prison system. There are public records that show interactions with the law at age 18, 20 and now at 21 where his crimes have elevated from petty theft to possibly attempted murder. Love News spoke to ASP Alejandro Cowo regarding the charges Allen is facing.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “In reference the shooting of Police Constable Lion Ejinio the other suspect that police was seeking this morning at about 9am surrendered himself to the Police along with his Attorney and as a result of that we have both in custody now and investigators are preparing the charges which will be levied later today and they will be taken to court early tomorrow morning. We are in the process of analyzing everything and as soon as we put everything together the charges will definitely be levied. We believe that there will be several counts of aggravated assaults towards the Police officers, the injuries received by the Police Mr. Ejinio and also an attempted murder on him because of the injury that he received. As I mentioned yesterday the two persons were known to Police. The other person that surrendered himself this morning is Alfie Allen from the Mahogany Street area. We suspected that they were in the process of attempting to rob an establishment however at the same time the Police was coming out that establishment. Upon seeing the Police they continued riding towards the Philip Goldson Highway. I know that yes on yesterday’s date Police had ordered them to stop and when upon being apprehended one of the male persons was caught and shortly after he jumped off the motorcycle and as he was jumping off he pulled out the firearm that he had concealed on his pants waist and began to fire at the Police.”

The firearm used in the incident has not been recovered. In January 2016, Ulide Allen was charged for stealing a pair of Nike slippers from a 14-year-old; in August, 2016 he was remanded to prison after shooting at a couple in Belize City.   He was in the news on February 5, 2018 when his mother claimed that he was brutally assaulted by police officers while in July, 2018 he returned to prison for armed robbery.