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Rewards offered for solving Murders of 2 University Students

Last week Japanese businessman Mr. Yanaai had left the Taka Kitchen restaurant and had just arrived home with groceries when he was accosted by bandits.  His son Masaki Yanaai was shot and killed while trying to aid him. The murder of the University Student and the injuries of his father had prompted the business community to offer a reward of $7,000 for information that would lead to the arrest of the killers. In a post on social media, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says he can be contacted via Facebook or by calling 610-5716. The murder of the rising basketball star Dwayne Avila Cummings has prompted Belize City Councillor Micah Goodin to offer a reward as well for this slain youth.

Micah Goodin Youth Advocate Counselor: “Dwayne was a very quiet youth, very observant but humble. He was a superstar off the court and on the court. He was even a superstar in the classroom. He was a very promising you man, a business student and an athlete and I feel that I owe it to him. I believe that we need to demand justice for this young man. He was walking home leaving after showing his skills on a national level and he was robbed of his life and I feel like I owe it to him and that is why I stepped up and provided this award. The award currently stands at $1000. We are hoping to get more people to support it, more people to add on different youth advocates, different youth institutions. We are hoping that they step forward because we really need justice for this young man. We also need justice for the other young people whose lives have been tragically cut short and so that is the reality at this time. We are hoping that more people will step up and provide the assistance. Every time a young person loses his or her life sensesly to violence,I am devastated. I wish that we had more leaders who actually cared about young people instead of only being concerned with them when it is election time or when they need to go and vote. I think we need more leaders that are humanitarians rather than politicians. Leaders who really care about people.”

Councillor Goodin says that he encourages other to join him and increase the reward money for the arrest of a murder suspect.